Janjaes Pharmaceutical is focussed towards not just healthcare but lifecare . Janjaes Pharmaceutical is a pioneer in initiating the concept of commerce marketing in India .At Janjaes, our approach is to focus on areas where we can make a real difference and have the most impact . We believe that our quality products are ultimate relationship between our customers and the Organization. We are Creating new approaches to our work sectors, and are mobilized for our priority goal of bringing medicines to patients with the advent of innovative products that bridges the gap between the actual need of medical fraternity and current options available at their disposal. Looking ahead We are determined to make considerable investments in product innovation to strengthen our pipeline of afforadable products for Indian markets.

Janjaes Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is committed to creating a better tomorrow . I thank all Janite’s for their contribution towards building a great Organization .

” An Investment in Health Pays the best Interest . “