Back in the year 2019 , a team of individuals came with an idea called Janjaes It was like a spark that could ignite a thousand more ideas. Janjaes and quality are synonyms . We are focussed on providing quality products to address the needs of people .

Janjaes Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. starting with few members and ten products are traders of pharmaceutical products . We now have a portfolio of more than 50 products and many more to come . All medicines are verified and compliant with GMP and WHO standards . Our goal is to achieve a better platform in pharma sector and use high quality techniques and forward mechanism to bring pharma at a new level.


“Scaling up to the boundless sky of opportunities, Janjaes envisions blending scientific temperament with unparalleled creativity, professional orientation and ethical values . Janjaes aspires to raise an infrastructure which will facilitate the invention of new chemical entities, and collaborate with the world for partnerships in progress.”


The entire gamut of operations is managed by a dynamic team of professionals with experiences across various segments. It imparts a synergistic advantage to the overall management leading to a smooth progression towards achievement of corporate objective.


JANOLOGY -A combination of Janjaes and ideology is the way of existence of Janjaes Pharmaceutical .
  • PASSION – Inspire everyone and give your best .
  • INNOVATION – Meet the unmet needs by new ideas
  • HUMILITY – Learn from mistakes .
  • INTEGRITY – Adhere to moral and ethical standards of work .
  • TRUST – Transparent in dealings .
  • CONSISTENCY – Endeavour to bring new products to the Market .
                     " At Janjaes , we always deliver more than expected . "

” Care that is Priority, Quality that is Superb . “


Office: +919614961493